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We have done extensive mapping of CFOs in the market, and are able to present first batch of candidates in 72 Hours.

Process Differentiations

Partner with 20+ years Big 4 & MNC financial management & search experience

Partner maintains personal CFO network

Extensive CFO market mapping

Other Differentiations

No Action or Limited Action

CFO Assignment obtained

Researcher conducts search /

Consultant reviews Candidates

Usually present first batch of candidates in 3-4 weeks

Generalist consultant concludes search longer with less suitable candidates

Partner and Researcher team maintain daily contacts with CFOs in the market (Database covers most of the CFOs)

CFO Assignment obtained after complete understanding of client's requirements

Partner/Researcher team selects CFO candidates from our database and network. Conduct further search if needed

Present first batch of candidates in 72 hours

Special consultant works with client to conclude search faster with more candidates



Generalist Search Firm

Finance Elite (CFO Specialist)

Consultants are mostly generalist

Only start searching after assignment is obtained

Do not have adequate CFO market mapping

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