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Select a specialized headhunter as your business partner. Meet with them regularly to discuss staffing and recruitment strategies and action plans. 

More is not better. Engaging more headhunters and seeing more candidates does not increase your chances in obtaining top talent. It is not good for market perception of the company and good candidates may turn away. 

Top talent are usually not looking for a job. Partner with a specialized and committed headhunter who is familiar with your company to do the selling job for you and with you. 

Manage your recruitment process well. A good process can help you attract talent but a bad one can turn them away. A headhunter is an integral part of this process and should not be used merely as a candidates provider.

Hiring is a two-way street. Some companies can become too preoccupied with what they need from the candidates and overlook what the candidates want. Unrealistic expectations of the company will lead to a prolonged and probably unsuccessful hiring process. Remember. It takes two to tango. 


for recruiting top talent:

Finance Elite's Human Capital Partnership (HCP) Program

Under our Human Capital Partnership (HCP) Program, our specialist consultants identify top talent for our clients 365 days a year. Our clients may create a position to secure the available top talent who will help the company beat the competition. 




Long term commitment to secure top talent for clients

Look out for the right talent for clients

Inform clients

When clients decide to hire for replacement or create a new position

Look out for the right talent for clients



365 days a year

When top talent become available

Secure the talent

Beat the competition

Traditional / Transactional Headhunting Model

Agency relationship, transaction oriented

Headhunters search for candidates only when an assignment is obtained

Send candidates to clients only during search period

Fit candidates to the position

Difficult to fill position with suitable top talent in limited timeline

  • CFO of a Europe listed industrial company in China with strong finance operation experience and a successful track record of leading IPO process.

  • Partner of a Big 4 audit firm specializing in financial services.

  • Seasoned business planning & development executive with financial management experience in major FMCG and IT companies in North America and China.

  • CFO of a HK listed property company in China with sucessful HK IPO track record.

  • Head of the Direct Investment division of a reputable bank with experience n corporate financial management. 

"Selected Top Talent"

  • Finance Director of a top Telecom / IT multinational company with over 15 years overseas financial management experience. 

  • Head of merger and acquisition of a multinational banking group with strong investment banking and financial advisory experience gained in Europe, Asia Pacific and China.

  • One of the top M&A specialists in China with professional services firm background. 

  • CFO of US listed Chinese companies in the TMT sector with overseas investment banking and professional accounting background. 

  • General Manager of a HK listed pharmaceutical company covering all aspects of business operation, investor relations and M&A with multinational and local company experience.

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